Sissy Treat

CEO/615 Entertainment Agency


At the young age of 16 Sissy Treat began traveling and playing bass with many named entertainers. She was named the #1 female bass player by Billboard Magazine when spotted playing onstage at Hank Williams, Jr.

However, Sissy always desired to be part of the business end of the entertainment business, and from this desire, she opened the “615 Entertainment Agency.” At the age of 17 she booked her first show which was the world famous Diamonds of the “Little Darlin” and “The Stroll” fame. She was too young to sign the contract so she contacted the well-known agents Jim Halsey, Tandy Rice and Billy Deaton in Nashville to help her through the contract. At that time there were no female booking agents and it seemed to be “taboo” for women to work in the business end of bookings. With her “I can do anything and will accomplish whatever I set my mind to” attitude, she overcame all obstacles before her. Her main goal was, and is, to make a friend and sell a show.

Her attitude of “Lets make a deal, book the show and make it a win-win situation for both the venue and artists” has been a tremendous reason for so much repeat business with venues and entertainers from all around the world. With the help of many of the largest agencies throughout Nashville, she built her agency step by step, year by year and now, nearly 44 years later, 615 Entertainment Agency still holds a giant position in the entertainment industry and is known for working with major entertainers. After many years of playing bass, studio work, and booking named entertainment Treat decided to expand into the area of producing and directing television shows which led her to working many years for the Willie Nelson Network in Nashville as an independent producer. She directed and produced many shows and music videos for the Willie Nelson Television Network such as “The Nashville Connection”, “Nashville Across America” and music video’s which ran on the Willie Nelson’s Cowboy Network. For the past 12 years Treat has been working with International Recording Artist Bertie Higgins. In late 2018 she secured Higgins a leading role in the Matthew McConaughey movie “The Beach Bum” in which Higgins and McConaughey sang Higgins internationally known hit song “Key Largo.” Higgins huge hit song “Casablanca” has scored him countless shows and television appearances and has brought Higgins to the forefront of being one of the top American performers to perform in China, Hong Kong and all of the Pacific Rim countries. The extensive work overseas helped Sissy Treat obtain the prestigious title of Dame or Lady Sissy Treat from Imperial Order of Peace and Culture presented to her by Sir Linjie Chou the 23rd Lord of Manor of Piccots.

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