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The Stu & Laurie Variety Hour

A weekly family-oriented TV Variety Show featuring top entertainers and introducing stars of tomorrow.

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What people are saying

I have known Stu & Laurie since before they were married and have followed their careers throughout the years.

The genuine way that the two of them banter with one another, along with the songs and material they perform brings back beautiful memories. Watch these two attract all the generations – this show will be a hit!!

Steve Hernandez


I have known Stu & Laurie for nearly a decade. When I first saw their live show, I was struck by how refreshingly entertaining it was. Stu and Laurie have a showmanship and love for entertainment that seems lacking in many of the live comedy shows of today. Their friendly and passionate demeanors give them a positive brilliance that lights up any stage.

Using a format that has been forgotten, they bring it back to life with their fresh take on what may be considered the golden age of entertainment. Their playfulness and charming manner carries you off into a world they've created, full of talent. Stu's excellent comedic timing and Laurie's musical talent round out a show-style that is very unique in our currently over-edited and glossed-over world. Stu and Laurie bring back the human aspect to a performance with their obvious love and upfront-and-honest desire to entertain.

I am very excited about this project and I see a lot of success in its future.

Adam McLaughlin


I have known Stu & Laurie for several years and find them both extremely talented. They are charismatic and have undeniable stage presence. Their talents and abilities are comparable to any of the acts I have worked with.

Stu and Laurie are a breath of fresh air. They are charming and genuine, and together, they engage any audience in a way that no other husband/wife team can do. Between Stu's comedic wit and Laurie's beauty and heartfelt delivery of every song she performs, they are a very special team. Just the back and forth banter alone between Stu and Laurie is so delightful and entertaining you don't want it to end.

I look forward to working with Stu and Laurie and am extremely excited and honored to be part of this project.

*Stu & Laurie worked with Johnny for a short period, and unfortunately, Johnny was diagnosed with cancer. We lost him in 2020 and miss him dearly. He will forever be in our hearts.

Johnny Harris


I would like to say a few things about Stu and Laurie. They are the perfect husband/wife team, something that we have missing for many years now. They bring back the long, overdue family oriented entertainment that we need so much in this world. Their stage presence and charisma are, without a doubt, unmistakable.

The talent that Stu & Laurie possess doesn't end, and the banter between them is simply captivating!!

I am extremely excited about working with them on this amazing show!

Scottie Haskell


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